It’s Christmas time!

Can you believe it’s already the Christmas Eve? I honestly cannot.

And though the smallest hint about snow or cold is missing, some people are really feeling the holidays spirit. I am honestly not one of those, just trying to keep up with the family traditions which I love. ❤

I have been having some troubles with myself, my mental and physical health actually, the past month but I am not willing to tell anybody. Not yet anyway.

So for now, all I want to wish you guys is happiness. Real happiness, which is variuos for each of us. It may be true friends, a new camera, cute lover or anything in the world you want. But remember – best things in the world are not the material ones. 🙂

so here is some really good music to get you into the Christmas spirit (if you are not yet).

Wish you peaceful Christmas time, Dorota ❤

DSC_7401 DSC_7405 DSC_7407



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